Here you will see the before and after pictures of this stunning MK6 Golf we had in for a new set of twin pipes into 4” Exhaust tips.

We also supplied the NEW Gti Style rear bumper diffuser to suit the standard back bumper and new exhausts. In this case the customer didn’t want to change the sound of the car so we left in the original back box so there was no sound difference in this particular job. We just removed the original pipe from the back axel and piped it out left and right from there.

This transformation changed the complete look of the back of the car and the pictures speak for themselves. The 4” exhaust tips would be the most popular on the market and he have sourced the perfect 4” Tip with a decent curl In Lip to make them stand out. They are grade 304 stainless steel exhaust tips and are very good for corrosion resistance keeping that mirror finish shine.