Bs Exhausts we build a lot of twin exhaust systems. Or better known as “twin pipes”. This is a exhaust pipe system coming out left and right at the back of your vehicle. We fit them on a lot of petrol and diesel cars. Customers come to us to get a set of twin exhausts fitted to there Example Audi A4 or VW Golf or jetta whatever the car maybe. First question we ask is what exhaust tips would you like and do you require a back bumper diffuser or will we trim the original bumper to suit? We can supply back bumper diffusers for certain cars that they are available for. This has the cut out for the second exhaust that we will be fitting and looks superb when all is fitted. If there are no diffusers available from our suppliers or you want to save some money we can trim your original back bumper to suit for the new twin exhausts that are been fitted.